The U.S. requirements to height a rocket protective covering in Poland,
basically in the fund patio of Russia. The plea fixed
is for the well-being of zillions. However, if fairness be
known, Poland would run similar heck to get distant from
being the place as collateral of the world-empire ambitions of an
administration that is losing flooring in their own
country. The empire of the U.S. are not trailing the
ideals of the White House. They can see further
evidence day-after-day of the worldwide supremacy views of
the President and particularly the Vice President.

Take this book and swirl it about. If Russia
desired to be the logos of Europe and the Middle
East and fixed to position a missile protection in the
state of Texas, the shout would be like the shot
heard 'round the planetary. It is basic and simply asking
innocent society to let a parliament to use their
people, their land, and their condition for an docket
that is governmental and self-serving. When manhandle comes to
shove, the U.S. will stare the other than way and the nations
involved will have to action it out themselves. Peace,
while not perfect, exists in these areas, and to add the
tension of this warhead protective covering is playing near let off for both
sides. While Poland claims it is economic, thir establishment
should realize near is not plenty fortune in the international
to compensate the deaths and knocking down that such as bustle could
evoke in their estate. The families that would hold the force
of any return or would be caught in the heart of a world-
wide dominion do your best will do the problem and the income -
well, it could go the way of woman wasted because of
nuclear attack, funding will be an uncalled-for contemptible. Take
Iraq as an case in point. Money by the millions is poured into
the war in Iraq, but the people, the quotidian man, woman,
and young person can't buy what they need because of the devas-
tation by bombs and armaments. They can't go out and
enjoy what medium of exchange can buy because this day may be their
last day, depending on what occurs. So money, while exceedingly
appealing and sexually attractive is pocket-size in what it can do when
war in waged, and passing and knocking down are a subject matter
of how fleeting pecuniary addition can be.

While the lives of the Polish populace are not sector of the
equation on either side, when hard cash is factured in, what active
the danger to the component part of the world? While at hand may not be a snappy
war per se, the U.S. continues to erect and profess more
powerful missles and bombs. Does a person genuinely accept
that the residuum of the planetary is not or will not do the same, because
pre-emptive is only a structure set into happening by the U.S.

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If the society of the U.S. do not property their disposal
and their thinking that relate the human activity of human beings, piece
they hang around secure aft the facade of the walls of the White
House, does the midday sleep of the global genuinely construe that they would
be fumed otherwise? Arms are individual built, investigating is man
conducted for stronger, bigger, and more harmful - and now
invading the park of Europe - well, if the ancestors of America are
taking the bumper-to-bumper journeying to realizing the truth, Europe and the forty winks of
the worldwide should be alert. The dollars made by any promises
from the Administration will cremate in the fires of atomic or lands
wars, only as swiftly as they will be unprofitable when the U.S.
dollar drops - and it will.

The worldwide has been nigh on long-lasting plenty to cognize that thing
is not exact present and that the ideas self tossed out into the planetary
leave a lot of unreciprocated questions and concerns that are met next to
rhetoric and innuendos. Bottom formation - the U.S. should be out of
other countries - they are doing grand minus the negotiation and
it is the excess of the Almighty Dollar that sways and leads others
into the fit-up of man a cog of what is unsavory, and phony.

May the worldwide weighing twice in the past temporary or acceptive "words." Words
are cheap, medium of exchange is fleeting, but the lives that are beloved in any
land connote null to a number of governments. They do to the families
and the projected of the up and approaching generations.

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©Arleen M. Kaptur

June, 2007

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